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Frieze Masters - Art Fairs - Sperone Westwater

Susan Rothenberg
Dos Equis, 1974
acrylic and tempera on canvas
67 x 116 1/2 inches (170 x 296 cm)
SW 16150

Press Release

For Frieze Masters 2016, Sperone Westwater presents an exhibition of vintage paintings by contemporary American artist Susan Rothenberg, focusing on her radical Horse Paintings dating from 1974. When first shown, her Horse Paintings were heralded for introducing imagery into minimalist abstraction and bringing a new sensitivity to figuration. Peter Schjeldahl of The New Yorker called the show "a eureka," stating that "the large format of the pictures was a gesture of ambition," and that "the mere reference to something really existing was astonishing." For Rothenberg the horse was a surrogate for the human figure, as demonstrated in her painting "Mary III," 1974. There will also be paintings from the late 1970s and 1980s, concluding with "Accident," 1991-1992, painted after her move to New Mexico. Her first show at Sperone Westwater took place in 1987; nine other solos at the gallery followed. Rothenberg's work has been collected extensively and is represented in major museums around the world-there are three paintings in the Tate Collection, including the Horse Painting "United States," 1975.